What makes music tick ?

Welcome to the presentation of the first generative music process and understanding, based on logic and observation, in perfect accord with musical intuition, which applies to all styles (folk, popular, jazz, classical) and which has somerthing to offer to composers, conductors, and performers.

What do we mean by generative?
No musical phenomenon, rhythmic, harmonic, or melodic, is born complex. From very simple basic materials, precise transformations, in several different parameters, gradually produce all the more complex material. No exceptions. Every single note and chord is functional. This means that all music (whatever the style and the period) will be constructed exactly the same way. With this insight, it is amazing to see how similar all music is way down "inside". The listener perceives the final result as a finished product which often camouflages these generative operations.

Even the great mysteries of Music are scientifically explained.

MusicNovatory organizes its content in 5 Volumes: Introduction, Rhythm, Harmony, Melody, and Application (below), each with chapters and sub-chapters.

The Joy Of Understanding Music
We hope that everyone can access, enjoy, and contribute to the contents, development, and support of MusicNovatory. Welcome and Thank you.