It is evidently preferable to have seen the Preface first, to be aware of the aims of this workshop,
     as well as the general operation of each section.
In this option parents and children participate together,
     with several animators.
New songs
     The principal animator deals mostly with the parents,
          the children, placed in front of the parents, sing along with them,
               and are helped with their Footsies when a parent places his hands on their shoulders.
          Babies are held in a parent's arms and feel the sway as they hear the singing.
     The Blue Blocks are mostly for the children,
          but the parents participate in singing the Vocentro names (or the degree numbers).
     Parents also sing the Scats but only the children play follow-the-leader,
          and write the Scat in their work-book.
     Dictation, Transcription, and Harmony
          should fascinate the parents as well as their children.
     Very much like the new songs,
          but the children might have a special role where the Scats are involved.
     Several animators are used for the polyphony (one for each voice)
          and the children may sing with whatever group of parents they wish,
               as well as have their say in the choice of the songs.