What is the point of swaying and foot movements?

Ah, rhythm, what a mystery! How can it be presented in such a way as to discover its nature and its importance? We now know that rhythm does not pass mostly through the brain or through the ears. It passes through the whole body, mostly though the feet on which the body rests. One must therefore displace the weight of the body from one foot to the other in order to feel the BEATS (on the right foot) and the OFFBEATS (on the left foot). The technical terms BEAT and OFFBEAT will not be used, not even mentioned, during this workshop, only the terms RIGHT and LEFT (foot). "On what foot did we end the song?" - "the RIGHT foot." - "Aha!". Eventually, the feeling of rhythm will become evident to all the participants. Besides, watch carefully how intuitive musicians move. One would never dare say that these artists have no rhythm.