Options/Class Teacher

It is evidently preferable to have seen the Preface first, to be aware of the aims of this workshop,
     as well as the general operation of each section.
In this option only children participate,
          with one animator, the class-teacher.
A specialist supervisor will be required here to tutor the class-teachers
     and encourage them in an activity which will be quite foreign to most of them.
A considerable amount of solidarity and mutual aid will also be required of the class-teachers themselves
     where the more secure will help and encourage the others.
New songs
     The animator (teacher) deals, evidently, only with his students.
     The Blue Blocks are only for the children,
          who all participate in singing the Vocentro names (or the degree numbers).
     The children all sing the Scats, play follow-the-leader,
          and write the Scat in their work-book
     Dictation, Transcription, and Harmony
          are evidently for the children, but the teacher will evidently learn as well.
All of the games should preferably be played in individual classes,
     requiring a certain amount of individual attention.
There is a considerable difference here with the Family option because a class has only one animator.
     Polyphony will require several (at least two) animators, and several classes must be together.
          It is very important that the animators practice together first and establish firm polyphonic confidence,
               and only then work with their classes together, each class singing its own song.
     More complex Footsies and hand clapping can be performed in individual classes.